I am a 55 year old woman, should I have a full facelift or would fillers give me the refreshed look I am seeking?

I am 55 years old I would like my face to look youthful again. I feel I aged 20 years in the 6 years I was in an abusive relationship. I am now divorce and really would like to recapture those years the sadness took from me. I'm just not sure what procedure would benefit me best and give me the results I am looking for. Please help. Thank you.

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Face lift for psychological recovery?

Thank you for asking about your face lift.

  • I am so very sorry that you were in an abusive relationship -
  • That is awful and I am glad you are free now.
  • Your thinking makes a lot of sense to get a fresh start
  • You have a lovely skin and a beautiful face.
  • A think a face lift would refresh you  -
  • I have done many face lifts on women coming out of circumstances like yours
  • What you need besides first rate surgery is a plastic surgeon who cares about you and whose staff is supportive as well. It's not just the surgery - it's the positive relationship.
  • So look for plastic surgeons near you - but don't be sold by pressure, bling or glitz - go with the experienced surgeon who in interested in you - not in impressing you.

Always consult a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Best wishes. Elizabeth Morgan MD PHD FACS

Facelift Or Fillers?

Congratulations on ending the abusive relationship. I am glad to hear of this, and you should be proud that you are no longer living in fear and pain. As you see, stress can age us tremendously, and I'm sure those six years were extremely difficult for you. I do not feel it would be helpful for me to definitively direct you to have either fillers/Botox/laser vs. a facelift because I do not have enough information about you. I do not know what your expectations are. Some patients who have similar markers of the aging face are excited by what injectables and lasers can do, while others want what a facelift can provide. I would suggest that you would benefit most of all from a very detailed, educational in-office consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience on the face, not just the body. 

Full facelift and maybe filler for fat

It looks like you have some changes in the face that would be best treated with a full facelift and +/- fat grafting or fillers as well.  Good luck with your decision to move forward.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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See your surgeon

Fillers used in a liquid face lift procedure can be helpful; however, results will typically be more moderate than a face lift procedure.  Most filler procedures will not last as long as a face lift procedure, so that is another consideration.  A facelift procedure will provide more dramatic results that will last longer.  You need to see your plastic surgeon to determine which is best for you.  Best wishes on your new life!

Gregory D. Roberts, MD
Richardson Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift or Fillers?

Thank you for your question.  Congratulations on ending the abusive relationship.

A facelift and the use of fillers would both likely provide a benefit (and actually, a combination of a facelift with selective fat grafting may be an even better option).  I recommend consulting with a plastic surgeon in your area to discuss your options.  For patients who are "on the fence", I often recommend doing fillers first to see how you like it, as there isn't really any downtime, the risks are minimal, and the cost is much less.


Dr. Michael Epstein

MAE Plastic Surgery

Northbrook, IL

Facelift or Fillers for a refreshed look

Hello.  Thank you for your question.  I am so sorry to here about the years that you spent in an abusive relationship.  Living through a toxic relationship can certainly take a toll on a person in so many ways.  I can certainly understand how you would want to look and feel better, now that you are getting a fresh new start.  You still look great for your age.  With regards to advising you on fillers versus facelift, I think that there would be be benefits to each for you.  A facelift can help to tighten the neck and jawline, while fillers or fat transfer can help restore youthful volume to the midface.  They actually complement each other.  I would suggest that you seek a consultation with a board-certified Plastic Surgeon or Facial Plastic Surgeon with extensive experience and expertise in facial rejuvenation to allow them to assess your individual anatomy, concerns, and goals, in order to determine the best treatment plan for you.  I wish you the best in achieving your aesthetic goals.

Michael Boggess, MD
Nashville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift vs dermal filler

A facelift gives you an overall tightening of the skin and underlying tissue.  Dermal fillers add volume to areas like your cheek, or they lift deep lines in your skin.  Because the two do different things, it is not always as simple as deciding between one or the other.  The best thing to do is to get a personal consultation with a Facial Plastic Surgeon to determine what treatment would help you the most.

James Chan, MD
Portland Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift Surgery Options

Firstly, I commend you for leaving a bad relationship and are starting fresh. To answer your question, the best option for patients seeking facial rejuvenation is a full face lift. A face lift will tighten the skin and additionally reduce any evidence of facial sagging. Based off the images provided I would not recommend fillers simply because they do not tighten the skin like a face lift does. Fillers add volume to the skin, providing patients with the illusion of tightness, but it does not actually remove sagging skin or tighten prominent looseness. However, I highly recommend consulting with a board-certified facial plastic surgeon in your area about a face lift procedure options, as they will tailor the procedure to your needs. Best of luck to you in the future.

Sam Rizk, MD
New York Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Non-surgical vs Surgical Facelift

Congratulations on getting our of your abusive relationship. I am sorry that you went through that but be proud of yourself for where you are now. A fresh start sounds like an ideal plan for you. From your photo, you look to have lovely skin. Frankly, you could go either direction. It's going to depend on your desired outcome. My best advice would be for you to schedule a consultation with a board certified plastic surgeon who can assess your skin elasticity in person and discuss the pros and cons of each option. Together, the two of you can come up with the right treatment plan for your needs and your budget.


Kouros Azar

Kouros Azar, MD
Thousand Oaks Plastic Surgeon
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These photos are not adequate for a reliable opinion.  I would have to touch and feel the tissues and evaluate the muscular tone and elasticity and neurological function.  But a few things i notice on these photographs. Your jawline is tight and uninterrupted.  You do not have a jowl folding over or extending down onto your neck.  I cannot see under your neck to see if there is splitting of your platysma, but the side view suggests you have an intact neck angle. you do not appear to have redundant submental fat or skin.  These are all things that a lower face and neck repair deal with.  Some conservative work in the midface and or lower lids with fillers and/or surgery might be reasonable, but a full face and neck may be over-kill.  Get three opinions and pick one you trust.

Luis Villar, MD, FACS
West Palm Beach Plastic Surgeon
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