What Laser Surgery procedure works best for High Astigmatism? LASIK, PRK or LASEK?

My contact prescription is L : -1.25 -4.75 x 175 , R : -0.25 -5.75 x 010 . I use toric lenses but prefer glasses since they give me better vision. I am in the New York area and would like to get my vision corrected through laser surgery so that I don't have to wear glasses. Is that possible for my level of astigmatism? What type of surgery should I look for?

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Laser surgery for high astigmatism

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Dr. J. Dello Russo responds:

 after performing laser eye surgery for 24 years I would prefer to perform what I call all-laser LASIK. Also called bladeless or no-blade LASIK. Why?

  This type of surgery is the most precise in treating such high degrees of astigmatism. In fact we treat this degree quite routinely. The no-blade technique does allow for a touch up in case all the astigmatism is not fully corrected with one treatment.

 This answer depends on the patient being a good candidate. 

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