Hard tip of nose. A bit bulbous 2 years after rhinoplasty

So 2 years ago I got a rhinoplasty done to fix the hump on my nose, I'm happy with the lack of a hump but now the tip of my nose is very hard, its movable but its round and bulbous and underneath I can feel this hard layer under the skin. At first I thought it was a splint, then I thought it would go down after swelling I'm pretty upset with it and quite confused. I moved out of state also so I haven't had contact with my doctor since the surgery, so i don't know what this is or why its there?

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Since your rhinoplasty was two years ago its unlikely that you have swelling. I believe that you could be feeling possible scar tissue or a graft if one was placed during your procedure. Its difficult to fully ascertain your condition without examining your nose, consider a second opinion.

Dr. S

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Hard tip

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You might be feeling scar tissue or graft material  that was placed. You should find out from your surgeon. Best of luck.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Firmer nose after rhinoplasty

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Having your nose feel firmer than before surgery is not uncommon. Many surgeons will reinforce the existing cartilage so that your function is not compromised by the new shape of the nose.

Dr. E

Waleed Ezzat, MD FACS
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Hard feeling tip after rhinoplasty

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The nasal tip is usually quite hard immediately after rhinoplasty. This is because of the swelling and the strengthening of the tip cartilages. Over several months the tip softens, however it can remain more firm than before surgery for years.

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