Having a hard time deciding on implant sizes. Any suggestions? (photos)

I'm having my BA done in Feb 2016. I'm 3 months shy of it but I feel as though it's coming quick. It's between 475 or 495 BUT I'm not sure if it's right for my frame. I'm 4'11, 150 lbs. I've lost a lot of body fat and is left with some and muscles but I kinda of have an althetic build. I went from a 36C to 34DD within 18days from a high protein diet I did to loose body fat. My waist is currently 33" and hip 35" I'm afraid having the implants will be too big but it's the best fit for my bwd 13cm

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Having a hard time deciding on breast implant sizes. Any suggestions?

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Thank you for your question. A photo of your breast would be helpful and an exam is necessary for the best answer.

That said, you desired photos are very large especially for someone who is petite.

You breast implant size should be chosen based on the base width of your breasts which your surgeon should have measured. My guess is that 475-495 may be too big for your frame and breast base width. Larger implants (over 350cc) are more likely to result in complications.

For more information please read below:

The Perfect Breast

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Size is a critical question for many women who choose breast augmentation. The key is to work with a Board Certified plastic surgeon with expertise and experience in breast augmentation. There is an ideal shoe size for your foot. Too small and your foot will be crammed and too large and your foot will not fill the shoe. The same thing is true with breasts: too large and it will look round and fake; too small and it will be loose and empty on the top. The common denominator to the most beautiful breasts is that they were sized objectively on the basis of measurements. We combine a proven formula based on measurements of the rests and chest along with through discussions of patient's desires. Photos of ideal breasts and results from patients with similar breasts are often very helpful in the discussion. A rice test in the office or at home can also be very helpful.


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3D imaging can be extremely helpful in choosing the right implant.  The differences between your implant choices is quite small and seeing a 3D image would really help.

John L. Burns Jr., MD
Dallas Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing a size choosing a surgeon, getting the best outcome

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The wish pics you show are of very large implants.  The 495 cc will not likely give you this look.   You need to make sure your plastic surgeon knows what look you are trying to achieve, and that they have experience with creating this shape.  If the surgeon doesn't have pictures of patients with the look that you are desiring, they may not create the right look for you.

The best way to determine the size that fits your personal perception of the perfect breast is to try on sizers. This way you can see how they fit on you, how they add to your current volume, and whether they fit your frame. Although the surgeon can guide you, only you will be able to tell what is the right size. Try on sizers. HP implants, which are a more modern shape than moderate profile implants, fit most women better. They have a more appropriate base diameter for the average women's chest. Mentor HP profile saline implants have base diameters that range from 8.8 cm (very narrow) to 13.8 cm (moderately wide). The majority of women in my practice have base diameters in the 11 to 13 cm range. The HP implants fit them well. The moderate implants have much wider base diameters for the same volume (often in the 14 to 15.6 cm range). These implants are too wide for most women that I treat. So when the base diameter is measured and correlated with the diameter of the implant, it is most often necessary to use HP implants to achieve the volume the patient is requesting. At the volume selected, my patient's base diameters are too small for moderate profile implants. Measuring a diameter and then telling the patient what volume they can have (in high, moderate or moderate plus implants) in my mind is backwards. The patients should be allowed to choose the volume. Then the surgeon carefully considers the base diameter, projection, profile, manufacturer, and fill material that will achieve the patients goals of size as well as qualitative look (natural, intermediate, or bold upper pole fullness or projection), all the while taking into consideration the patient's anatomic features that will affect the outcome. HP implants can be made to look very natural or very augmented, depending on where in the range the implants are filled to achieve a particular volume. At the low end of the fill range, HP implants do not have the upper pole fullness that most people associate with the fake look. On the other hand, a fake over-augmented look can be created with a moderate profile implant if it is overfilled (a common practice for surgeons that commonly use moderate profile implants). In addition, too wide an implant will put the volume past the anterior axillary fold, which in my opinion, looks more fake than upper pole fullness. So there are many factors that need to be considered. The experience of the surgeon and the degree to which they explain the options to you is of utmost importance. Obviously all of my patients look at photographs and we evaluate the look they are desiring in great detail. For me, high profile implants are the first choice. I rarely find an indication to use moderate or moderate plus implants. This does not make me a better surgeon, or a worse surgeon. Look at the outcomes and judge for yourself. The outcomes should stand on their own. The subtlety in the final outcome is not achieved by which profile implant is used, it is determined by the skill in the creation of the pocket, the choice of volume, and where in the range the implant is filled. Don't let the doctor tell you what would look good on you. They cannot tell what you perceive to be the best size.

Choosing implant size

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It would be best to revisit your surgeon to discuss size again.  A difference of 20 cc's will really not change your result at all. In our office we use sizers to help patients determine the size that will best meet their goals as well as fit their anatomy. 

Bruce E. Genter, MD, FACS
Abington Plastic Surgeon
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Too big?

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Hello and thanks for your question. You should scheduled a second consultation with your surgeon prior to the procedure to discuss your goals. You won't see a significant change in your appearance for the 25cc difference in the implants that you've mentioned. It's very important that your breasts are measured accurately. Good luck. 

Dr. B


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I would suggest going back to your surgeon and trying on sizes to see what you like. I doubt you will be able to tell the difference between 475 cc's and 495 cc's. Just make sure the implants are not too big for your frame and tissue.

Connie Hiers, MD
San Antonio Plastic Surgeon
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Choosing the Right Size Implant

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Choosing the right size implant depends on many factors such as your "breast footprint", desired outcome, skin condition, lifestyle and body type. And an in person exam is mandatory for accurately making any kind of recommendation. If your concern is deciding which size is best for you, try them out. If your surgeon doesn't have gel inserts for your bra, then do the at home rice method (1 oz rice = 30cc breast volume, place in ziplock bags, put in your bra). Spend a day with each size and see which one you like best.

Sheila S. Nazarian, MD
Beverly Hills Plastic Surgeon
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Sizing of breast implants

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It's very difficult without seeing someone in person to give any sage advice about size or type of implants. Your best bet is to find a plastic surgeon in your area with a Vectra 3-D imaging solution. Here you can see the effect of all different types and sizes of implants on your own image. The same implant in different patients will produce different results. Seek the counsel of a board-certified plastic surgeon and they can guide you in the best way to give you the correction that you want. Good luck.

Marc J. Salzman, MD, FACS
Louisville Plastic Surgeon
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Selecting your implant size can be difficult

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One of the hardest things about having a breast augmentation is selecting the volume of the implant. This is further complicated by the enormous selection of implant shapes and sizes - high profile, low profile, round, anatomic, etc, etc.  There needs to be a very thorough meeting and examination between you and your surgeon. For my patients, I personally meet with them 3 weeks before the surgery and we only talk about the implant sizes. This can be very time-consuming for the surgeon but it is the key to a good result and happy patient. It is much more than just picking a size...you need to pick a size and style that fits your body. If an implant is too big for your body, you can have complications. You should on seeing your plastic surgeon again to discuss and try on different sizes. This is the best way to be comfortable with your choice. 

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