Hair transplant or forehead reduction for smaller forehead? (Photo)

I have a large forehead, my goal is to minimize my forehead by at least 2 cm... I have researched both these methods and this is what i have come up with so far... Forehead reduction can wield more hair density than hair transplants, as well as acquire results much quicker... However hair transplants involve fewer risk, but are more expensive... If i plan to grow my hair long, then hair density wouldnt even matter right? Everything wuld cover? Are hair transplant grafts strong? my hair wouldnt fall out if i pulled it?

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It is best to see a doctor in person for an examination before considering a specific type of surgery.

It is best to see a doctor in person for an examination before considering a specific type of surgery.  Your examination will determine if you are a candidate.

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Forehead reduction

There is no way I would recommend a hairline lowering in a young man.  The reason is progressive hair loss and the inevitable exposure of the hair line scar and need to have  transplants to cover it.  A conservative HT is the only way to go in my opinion. Also don’t forget to address the issue of ongoing hair loss with non surgical options with your hair restoration surgeon

Good Luck

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You have a receded hairline

This is genetic and you can expect more recession over time. Only hair transplants are the way to go to put back your hairline where it belongs

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You need to treat the problem which is hair loss!

Your hairline is receding. Therefore, hair transplants are the more appropriate answer.  If you reduce your forehead, your hairline will continue to recede and now you're left with a scar that's not covered by hair! Don't jump right in to it though. There are medical therapies that are inexpensive and may help as well (finesteride). See a hair transplant surgeon in your area for an evaluation.

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FUE and FUT Hair Transplant

Hair transplantation is a great way to help achieve your goal.  It has much less downtime than a forehead reduction.  The cost, while it may seem higher, will actually result in a longer lasting effect.  In other words, you have a receding hairline which is genetic.  It will likely increase as time goes on and thus the effects of a forehead reduction would be short-lived.  But in terms of hair grafting, we can do it such a way that you may never need a touchup, but that is dependent on the amount of genetic hair loss you experience. 

To answer your other questions, hair grafts are as strong as your other hair.  Hair density is not dependent on how long you grow you hair.  Once the follicle has healed, it would behave just as another hair on your head.  

Jeffrey S. Williams, DO
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