Gynecomastia surgery revision - what would be the best way a free nipple graft or a pedestal lift? (Photo)

The doctor said he can perform either procedure my biggest concern is becuase of the first surgery they did a beneli lift and cam out terrible. My nipples are way to low. Also wit a free nipple graft I like that I can put them more out towards the side of my pec muscle not so much in the front. If the nipple dies or loses color thats fine I plan on having them tattooted Im more concerened with lose skin

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You need to see a very experienced gynecomastia surgeon

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You need to see a very experienced gynecomastia surgeon to correct and improve the results of your previous surgery.Do not compromise.

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Gynecomastia excision

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I usually use a free nipple graft in most men with very loose hanging chests as opposed to a pedicle.   I think the pedicle may leave a little too much fullness in  many patients.

Steven Wallach, MD
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