Why do my 4 front teeth look dark at the gum area, had permanent glue used on crowns. (photos)

I just changed my 4 front teeth with 2 dental implant (the middle) and 2 others with crown. Crowns are porcelain. Why 3 of them look dark also on the gum area. 2 weeks ago the dentist glued them using temporary glue, she said come back 2 weeks later to see if I'm satisfied or not. I went back to her yesterday said I'm satisfied. She gave me permanent glue. But now I feel my teeth somehow darker. She said it needs few days for the glue to blend in & later the teeth won't look dark. Is this true?

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Dark crowns

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It doesn't take time for dental adhesive to blend in with the other teeth. You teeth are dark because either the implant or the abutment is showing through the crown or the tissue. The temporary cement was probably white and blocked this coloration out. I suggest returning to the dentist and sharing your concerns. 

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