What form of pec augmentation would be best for a mild form of poland's syndrome (male)? (Photo)

The section outlined in black is completely devoid of muscle. Hard to see because I am not lean right now + bad lighting. Augmentation also desired to the left of this section because it is dystrophied. I train for bodybuilding and am often at 10-11% bodyfat. What would look most realistic? I fear a silicone implant would be very noticeable because there is no muscle for it to sit under. I am also worried about implants moving due to my training. Thanks.

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Pectoral Augmentation

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The area in which you have highlighted can be treated by either fat injections or a small custom pectoral implant, each with their own advantages and disadvantages. Fat injections are minimally invasive and be directly placed but their survival is suspect in a lean athletic person. A custom pectoral implant is permanent and can be placed through an axillary incision. With proper design it should not show and the placement of perfusion holes in the implant will ensure it does not migrate.

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