Follow-up Question - BA 1/6/16. My right breast is cone shaped and hard below nipple. Asymmetrical breasts! Help? (photos)

My PS said "massage and wait it out" He told me not to worry and that's just "the way it is". Can this be fixed? Will it cost around same amount as a regular BA? I just want them to be round and look full. Not like a torpedo and look like triangles! This is how my breasts were before. My PS said the shape of my right breast was like that before. So why didn't he fix it before?

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It would be helpful to see preop photos as well. The results shown look very natural. In general, implants magnify asymmetries.

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Postop Questions

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I appreciate your concern, but your photos demonstrate a very reasonable and natural result. Continue followup with your surgeon, good luck!

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Mild tuberous deformity

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Overall, you have a very nice augmentation.  Your areolas have a mild "tuberous" deformity which sometimes shows up after surgery because the initial post-op swelling can stretch out the thin areolar skin.  It's no big deal to fix.  It can be done under local anesthesia (awake).  Your PS can simply remove a "doughnut" shaped piece of skin at the outer edge of your areola to tighten up that area.  You will end up with a round scar all the way around the areola.  (It's called a "peri-areolar mastopexy".)

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