How can I fix overbite and weak chin without surgery? (Photo)

Hello! I have a slight overbite and weak jaw. Would like to know what is the best option for me. And can it be fixed with braces or veneers?Because when I, say, put a tongue between my teeth my profile improves and looks much better, and it looks like I don't need more of a chin (just to put it in the right place) So is it an option to do lower teeth longer with veneers? Just don't want to undergo chin implant or jaw surgery. Thank you!

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How can I fix overbite and weak chin without surgery? DNA/RNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics

I understand why you would want to avoid Orthognathic surgery.  Well it  can be fantastic but it can also have numerous problems associated including permanent lip numbness. 

I suggest looking into the DNA Appliance and Epigenetic Orthodontics prior to looking into surgery.  I consider myself the top provider in Chicago for DNA Appliance therapy but my most difficult cases I refer to Dr Cortes in New York.

I see that you are in New York. I would contact Dr Martha Cortes and learn what she can do non-surgically before you make any decisions. I do 95% of my DNA patients but I refer my "Surgical" patients to Dr Cortes. I had one patient who I referred to Dr Cortes that had 5 different O.S. across the country tell her she needed double jaw surgery .  She commuted to N.Y. for the DNA and was completed without surgery and with far better results.

Dr Cortes is a past student of mine who I taught Sleep Apnea Treatment. Smartest student I ever had. I took my DNA, RNA appliance treatment courses from Martha.

I frequently see patients for TMJ disorders, migraines, Chronic daily headaches and cosmetic reconstruction from across the country.  I make special arrangements for long distance patients and would be happy to see you in the Chicago area but Dr Cortes is one of the top doctors in the world and is in your area.

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