Fix crooked/asymmetric smile with botox/dysport? (Photos)

I have a slightly asymmetric smile as you can see in the pictures. The top lip one side naturally rises higher than the other, I've tried muscles exercises to strengthen it but doesn't help. My jaw isn't perfectly aligned so my bottom lip isn't perfectly centered either but I can't tell if that's why my bottom lip seems stronger one one side too. Please give me your professional opinions. Thank you.

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Lip Asymmetry

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Thank you for your question veralina4848. Mild asymmetry is natural and studies have shown it to be desirable. Botox can be used to address a gummy smile. This is seen when the gums show when a person smiles. After treatment the lips will not rise as much when smiling. It may be used in small doses to correct asymmetry. Also filler in the lips can be used if the lips themselves are not symmetric. I recommend consulting with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Asymmetrical smile

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The asymmetry in your smile is from asymmetry in the fullness of your lower lip, the left side being fuller than the right. In my opinion, adding filler to the right side of your lip will provide balance in the shape and fullness of the lower lip. I would consult a board-certified cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon experienced with injecting fillers in the lips.

Renuka Diwan, MD
Cleveland Dermatologic Surgeon

Fixing Asymmetries with Botox and Filler

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Botox and Filler are good choices for fixing slight asymmetries.  Botox works by blocking muscle action, so the injection would be on the side that pulls stronger so that it will match the other side.  If there is any volume asymmetry, then filler can also be used as a second step.

Good Luck.

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Botox and filler to even a smile.

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Botox above the mouth and some filler such as Juvederm, Restylane or Belotero can help correct your smile. This procedure is an advanced treatment technique so please consult an experienced cosmetic dermatologist or plastic surgeon.

Martie Gidon, MD, FRCPC
Toronto Dermatologist

Fix Crooked Smile With Botox?

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It's difficult to give the best advice without a physical examination but the thing that stands out most to me is that your jaw alignment is significantly off. If not for your jaw alignment, I believe your lips would be better positioned. From your photos, it appears that you have more of a jaw misalignment issue than a lip asymmetry issue. It may be best to visit a dentist or orthognathic surgeon first before resorting to a lifetime of lip injections to correct your asymmetry. Your continued jaw misalignment may have complications for you down the road.

Smile asymmetry

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Everyone has asymmetry in their facial appearance and smile. Fillers can mask some asymmetries in repose but not with animation. Sometimes botox can be used to impact the smile a bit, but can be difficult to balance perfectly.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Asymmetric smile

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The photos are somewhat limited and cannot replace an in-person consultation. However, in looking at your photos, what catches my eye is a deficiency of volume in the left upper lip. I believe that injection of a filler (Belotero, Juvederm or Restylane) into this area will help balance your lip and probably your smile. 

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