Looking to fill hollows under eyes in NY, NJ, or CT

I had eye hollows filled but had a vessel nicked.Result was a black eye & worry about blindness in future treatments.Not open to surgery & have no wrinkles,festoons,etc.I know blunt cannula may still result in bruising but will not likely pierce a vessel & therefore b safer in preventing blindness.Looking for NYC area PS that does resty in eye hollows with blunt cannula?Almost went to Dr H in NYC but she wanted $3000 for this!Have a youthful face except for eye hollows & upper cheek flattening.

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Eye hollows

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I wish you had posted a photo or your age to assess the upper cheek flattening.  It sounds like you may benefit from Sculptra in the mid-face which would gradually build up the collagen and last for two years.  Another option is Belotero in the under eye area which is a much thinner hyaluronic acid filler and perfect for the delicate area under the eyes.

Cannula Technique for Under Eyes in New York City

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Yes, the cannula technique is the safest method of lower / under eye filling.  I use this technique when using filler and with fat grafting for this area.  Restylane and Juvederm Ultra are great products for this area.  

Good Luck.  

Fix for those under eye hollows

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 I routinely perform Restylane injections for treatment of "tear trough deformity" with costs starting at $250.

Jonathan R. Fugo, DO
Newburgh Plastic Surgeon

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