Femilift burning and clumps of discharge 2nd treatment.

I've been experiencing extreme burning, clumps of discharge that were white till I scooped it out. After taking fluconazole, I am still experiencing the burning with a brown/yellow discharge that looks like old blood with no smell. I had bleeding day 1 and I'm am 3 days in with agonizing burning sensation and constant leaking. First session had a similar experience but no bleeding. Any advice on what to do? What it could be or if anyone else has the same problem? Pap was normal last check up.

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Femilift burning and discharge 3 days later

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These symptoms are not expected after the Femilift procedure.  It is important to contact your physician for evaluation.


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When a person has an unexpected reaction after a procedure, a call to your provider right away is usually the best option.  Your symptoms are not typical or expected after a Femilift treatment.  Only your provider knows the specifics of your history and treatment protocols used.    Please call your Doctor ASAP.

Marilyn Pelias, MD
New Orleans General Surgeon

You probably had a yeast infection when you had your FemiLift done

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Go see your gynecologist. If you had a yeast infection at the time of your FemiLift you will have all of the symptoms you describe. You're still sore because the lasered skin is doubly irritated. Just make sure there's not an additional infection with anything else. Next time, treat the yeast beforehand and things should go more smoothly.

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