Can fat cells get fuller after around 10 months?

I had a fat transfer to my eyebrows and upper lid 10 months ago. What irritates me is the following: Sometimes it's quite full and some days it's like "empty" ... Do you know that? Do the fat cells perhaps shrink sometimes and are stable after a year or even get fuller after that time? Or is it swelling and I need a second transfer ? * * * Thank you so much and best wishes Dark Poet//

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Fat cells

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Fat cell size will fluctuate with your weight. They will expand with weight gain and shrink with weight loss.

Fat Transfer - brows

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I think grafted fat acts similarly to regular fat once the final outcome is reached about 1 year after the procedure; if you gain weight or just water your fat cells will likely swell.  Consider revisiting with your surgeon or getting a consultation with a fat graft expert such as Dr. Sydney Coleman in NYC to review in person.  Best Wishes!!

Fat transfer size fluctuation

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The initial swelling from fat transfer can take between 2 to 3 months to fully dissipate. I have noticed that fat about a year later can sometimes have a second life, if you will-The skin looks healthier, brown spots lesson and fine lines fade. It is true though that fat that has been transferred  is a essentially body fat and retains its characteristics despite being  moved  into the face. . This that will enlarge and shrink with weight gain and loss, respectively.

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