Facial reconstruction options? (Photo)

Mh left side of my face rather close yo my cheek bone is sunken in because I had a facial tumor in the pass.I want to get it fix.it has a scar aswell.am located in new York City but willing to travel to the best doctor preferrable in miami
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Sunken cheek after surgery for facial tumor

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Hello! There are definitely options to help improve the appearance of your left cheek and face. Much of this will depend on what your original surgery involved and the condition of both the bony and soft tissues. Reconstruction of these types of defect can involve custom fabricated implants to reconstruct any bony defect to provide support for the overlying soft tissues. Fat grafting and/or fillers can then be used to help augment the soft tissue deficiency. I would recommend seeking out a consultation with a reconstructive facial plastic surgeon or plastic surgeon for a full evaluation and discussion of treatment options. Best of luck!

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New York and Miami will have doctors to help you.
Most likely some fat grafting or tissue transplants will help fill the hollow/sunken area.
Sydney Coleman in New York has been a pioneer and longstanding fat grafter and should be seen for a consult.

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