Why are estheticians and beauty therapists so against Tretinoin/Retin A?

I have been getting chemical peels for the past year in a few different clinics and everytime I mention that I use Retin A (Tretinoin), they all freak out! After reading so many articles about Tretinoin and reviews from derms and doctors about how fantastic it is, it seems many beauty therapists and estheticians are still in the dark about this. They all then want to sell me their $100 Retinol cream and I guess this is their reason being against Retin A?

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Retin A

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Yes in general you are correct. Usually I find it's a lack of education and perhaps lack of profit margin and also enamoration with new products. That being said, retinol is the most studied and proven way to improve skin boost collagen etc. So keep it up! 

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