Is drooping in the tip and asymmetry a result of swelling?

Hi, I'm two weeks post op and I know it is too early to come to conclusions but I do not like the results I have seen so far. I had a hump removed from my nose but my front view looks exactly the same. The tip of my nose is drooping instead of lifted like I wanted, and my nose looks like it curves to the left (possibly because of nostril asymmetry?). It looks awful in pictures; however, it does not look that swollen which worries me because I was hoping swelling was causing the issues I have.

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Rhinoplasty at two weeks.

Being that you are only two weeks out, you need to wait  for all the swelling to subside before considering any type of revision. Best of luck.

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Early postop

At two weeks postop, it is way too early to judge your result after rhinoplasty surgery.  The nose does swell a fair amount, and it takes the better part of a year for the tip swelling to resolve.  I tell my patients that 80 to 85% of swelling resolves in 6 to 8 weeks, but the tip takes 9 to 12 months.Try to be patient, and follow your surgeon's instructions.

George H. Pope, MD
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