Can dr feel where Voluma was placed by touching it when removing it?

bad voluma 2 ml, my face looks horrible. tried 7 attempts at dissolving: my dr does not seem to remember where he placed, and denies placing it in areas where it was obviously injected so he uses little units 100< each time of vitrase which are not working. i wasted my time and i am going to see two experts. one uses full strength and physically breaks it. how will they know where voluma is placed? can they feel it?

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Dissolving Voluma

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Thank you for your question hopexo. I am sorry to hear about your situation. Voluma is a great treatment to enhance the cheeks and give a more youthful appearance. Voluma can be placed in multiple depths in the skin and in various locations. Voluma is made with Vycross technology, which gives it more longevity. This also makes it more difficult to dissolve, so multiple treatments may be required. Also it is important to only dissolve certain areas, so high doses may not be used. Please speak with a doctor for specific recommendations. Good luck!

Voluma Results

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Thank you for your question. Voluma is usually placed very deep and once integrated not really palpable. That said you know your face best so areas that you feel have changed from pretreatment are probably those that were injected. Voluma doesn't migrate and therefore thats the best place to start. Vitrase as low s 20u can often be effective in dissolving Voluma so treatments of 100u is a reasonable amount. Voluma is a hyaluronic acid and therefore it will break down naturally over time and you will return to pretreatment. Occasionally you can see  a inflammatory reaction to Voluma but this is usually a more chronic situation than you are describing
Best of Luck

Lee A. Gibstein, MD
Miami Plastic Surgeon

Voluma in the Face

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Thank you for your question. Depending on the depth at which the Voluma was placed, your injector should be able to feel it (at least slightly) and inject vitrase at the appropriate location to break it up. The doctor who initially injected you may just being cautious as he doesn't want to dissolve all of the filler; vitrase is not predictable and a small amount can affect a lot of the product. This may be why he's injecting small amounts at a time. I'm sorry you are displeased with your results - the good news is, nothing is permanent, so you will return to your former look in the near future regardless of treatment. Best of luck! 

Anthony J. Taglienti, MD
Norristown Plastic Surgeon

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