Doctor wrote: "Diced cartilage often will show through thin skin as white granules"

Why isn't the cartilage blended in a blender to as tiny as possible? Thiskind of "clay" would not show as granules under thin skin?

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Diced Cartilage

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Thanks for your question. I often use diced cartilage as a way to help symmetrize the nose. Diced cartilage is made by taking a large solid piece and dicing it with a razor blade. We do not have any equipment that could "blend" the cartilage, and either way the goal is to have some bulk to the graft in the area it is placed. Unless someone has very thin skin, the diced cartilage should not show through as white granules, but it is always possible to have some minor contour irregularity if it shows through. Good luck!

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