Can you invent a permanent filler to fold up or fit the nose?

Hello doctor . can you invent a permanent filler to fold up or fit the nose ?

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Permanent filler for the nose

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Using a permanent injectable filler in the nose is somewhat risky because of its permanent nature.  Overtime, our soft tissue and nasal contours change but the filler will stay.  Without at least seeing your photographs, I am not sure what kind of nose correction you're looking for.  Generally, Juvederm injections can help to straighten a crooked nose or camouflage a bump slightly.  Sometimes a small amount of filler can be used to modify the contour of the nose, elevate the tip and redirect light and shadow on the face so that it looks smaller and thinner, even though you've added volume.  Make sure to see a board certified injection specialist who has experience injecting this area since it can be very tricky .

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Filler to LIFT the nose is possible.

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There are methods to lift the nose using filler, especially the tip. I do not understand the term fold up the nose. Dermal fillers are very flexible for nose re-shaping, but they should be done by Specialist as complication rates due to blood vessel supply is high. A face to face consult with Plastics, ENT or Dermatologist is needed to understand your exceptions. Wishes,Dr Davin Lim, Brisbane. Australia. 

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