How exactly should a doctor correct eyebrow asymmetry with Botox? On which side and muscles should more Botox be placed?

I have one eyebrow that has always been slightly higher than the other (it's genetic). At 36, it's not bad, but it's started to bother me. I've gotten all-over Botox a few times, but how will a doctor need to inject my forehead in order to help correct my eyebrow issue while still maintaining an even lift throughout? Will he/she need to inject more botox into the side that is higher? I'd like to know beforehand so that I can discuss, and I'd like to avoid blepharoplasty for now.

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Eyebrow Asymmetry

Thank you for your question. It would help if there was pictures. But, the brow that is lower is injected with Botox near the brow and crow’s feet area to help lift it. Placing Botox in the forehead will help lower the higher brow if needed. This must be done by an experienced injector. 

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How exactly should a doctor correct eyebrow asymmetry with Botox? On which side and muscles should more Botox be placed?

Hello, and thanks for your question. Without a photo, it's difficult to recommend a specific treatment plan, but it is true that Botox can be used to fix eyebrow asymmetry. Usually more product would be placed about the higher eyebrow. Best of luck, Dr. Frucht.  

Corey Frucht, MD, PhD
Santa Barbara Dermatologic Surgeon
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Asymmetrical Eyebrow Solutions with Botox

This requires an in-person evaluation to answer effectively. Botox can definitely be used to treat asymmetrical eyebrows. I suggest you see a cosmetic dermatologist with experience in facial rejuvenation.  Best, Dr. Emer.

Jason Emer, MD
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Eyebrow asymmetry

This might be  normal differences or may be related to the one eyebrow working to minimize lid ptosis. Best to be seen in person.. If it is the former, then controlled use of botox may better balance the two sides.

Steven Wallach, MD
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How exactly should a doctor correct eyebrow asymmetry with Botox? On which side and muscles should more Botox be placed

the greater the need for elevation of the brow, the larget he does of Botox required to allow the forehead muscles to function and raise the brow.

Julio Garcia, MD
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Fixing one side that is higher using Botox

I would lower the side that is higher as long as your brow is not loose or you dont have heavy eyelids. Using this requires a small amount of material placed just above the area.

If the brow or lids are heavy and you are using your forehead muscles to elevate them, this wont work and instead I would try to get the opposite(lower) eye to raise up. This is more difficult but can be done for some people.

Kenneth Beer, MD
Palm Beach Dermatologic Surgeon
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Correcting eyebrow asymmetry

To really simplify think of it like this: to raise a brow Botox is injected into the muscles just beneath it to weaken them and then the intact muscle tone above pulls it up. The advantage is that a slightly elevated brow is often considered to be more aesthetically attractive. The trade off is that there may be some visible contraction lines above the brow on the forehead. To lower a brow you would do the opposite and inject the muscle above the brow and it will lower. Here the trade off is a slightly lower brow in exchange for a completely smooth forehead.

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Uneven eyebrows

The uneven eyebrows can be corrected with Botox but you need to be sure you see a qualified experienced board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon. Some doctors will simply inject lateral to the eyebrow on the flatter one but this is not correct. The placement must be where the frontalis and orbicularis come together which can be determined by closing the eyes very tightly.  You only need a blepharoplasty if there is hooding of the upper lids

Melvin Elson, MD
Nashville Dermatologist
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Asymmetry of brows for Botox

Typically, the brow that is lower is injected near the brow and crows feet area to elevate it. Placement of Botox in the forehead will lower the higher brow if that is needed. Also, with more central Botox placement, sometimes an elevation can be created but this can lead to a "Spock" look sometimes.

Steven F. Weiner, MD
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Botox Brow Lift

Thank you for your excellent question.  It is difficult to comment with seeing a photograph and knowing whether you prefer your left or right brow position.  In general, a Botox brow lift is accomplished by injecting Botox into a "depressor" muscle around the lower eyebrow.  Botox then softens the contractile ability of the "depressor" muscle, causing a several millimeter elevation to the brow.  Beautiful and natural results can be achieved.  Please be sure to see an expert injector for an in-person consultation to fully discuss your goals and expectations in order to determine the best treatment plan.  Hope this helps and best wishes!

Christian N. Ford, MD
Cohasset Physician
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