Why some of the docs put on their websites pictures of rhinoplasties that have been done less than 2 mths ago even 2 wks ago?

And still here on the question site all of the PS say how it is too early to make judgements at early stage of recovery. I saw even a top doctor to put up nicely plumped picture that was taken 2 weeks after the procedure. I think, It is wrong if those kind of pictures are shown to potential patient and they choose the doctor according to those swollen nose pictures. Rhinoplasty is a huge desicion and needs to be based on facts.

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Rhinoplasty Post-op photos


In some patients, results can be seen very early post-op and the can be dramatic, such as  a patient with large hump on the nose that has been removed. I would just make sure that there are other post-op photos spanning 2 to 3 years post-op.



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Early post op photographs

It is quite common that after 2 or 3 months, the patient is already happy, they fail to return for long-term post op visits. This is even more common when the practice has a large out-of-town population. Coming into Manhattan for a non-critical post op visit, is a hassle, what with traffic, parking, tolls and time, just to hear "you're doing great"!

After 30 years in Manhattan I moved my practice to the suburbs where I live; a smart move.

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Posting Rhinoplasty Results Just 2 weeks after Surgery

Posting 2 week results are only appropriate if the surgeon makes it very clear that this is done to demonstrate the healing process and then shows a one year result of that same patient. Thank you for pointing this out to the consumers who participate in this forum.

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Website photos

You are right, 2 week or 2 month follow-ups don;t show much, but it can be difficult first to get permission from patients to post their photos, and second to also come in long term for follow-up.

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Why Do Some Websites Show Immediate Post-Op Results?

Thank you for an interesting question. The healing time for rhinoplasty can extend for a full year; however, the gross (meaning "big") changes are apparent immediately.  We surgeons do our best to educate our patients, and try to present the many different aspects of the healing process.  In other words, it is important for patients to know that if their rhinoplasty entails surgery to reduce the nasal bone(s), there will be a noticeable difference immediately after surgery. You are correct:  rhinoplasty surgery is indeed a huge decision. The best way to make such an important decision in your life is to gather as much important information as possible, analyse it, and then decide. In an effort to give you this information, we surgeons often post photos of different healing times.

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Why some of the docs put on their websites pictures of rhinoplasties that have been done less than 2 mths ago even 2 wks ago?


Thank you for your question. Post Op photos are taken during this period and befoore and after photos are for simple Rhinoplasty which is an easy procedure which is performed less them 30min.

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i agree with you completely

Post op photos should state how soon after and ideally be a minimum of 3 months but ideally 6-12 months or even 18 months later for rhinoplasty

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