Diagnosis: What options do I have left?

Hello to all, I have been suffering from a hair loss in the past 3 months now, all my blood tests are fine, including ferritin, thyroid and other hormones, unfortunately, I'm not in the US now and doctors here in Europe refuse to do a biopsy, what can I do? I'm worried my scalp is inflamed and worry it might be scarring alopecia that cannot be diagnosed by eye as it occurs under the scalp skin. Are there any other methods that help with diagnosing?

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You should have a consultation with a hair restoration surgeon who can evaluate your scalp and hair, pattern of loss, and non surgical options that you have available to you. He/she can recommend a biopsy if necessary. Having someone to track you and your hair loss is important. 

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Hair loss

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I understand your concern.  If a biopsy can't be completed then you should try to thoughrally discuss your problems and rule out different diagnosis with a physician.  You can also try over the counter product, such as minoxidil, to combat your loss and stop it until you can address is with a professional.  

Worried About Hair Loss-Hair loss treatments with prp and progesterone

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I suggest seeing an expert to evaluate the cause of your hair loss and consider the best treatment options. There are great non-invasive options like PRP/progesterone and/or hair transplantation. See an expert. Best, Dr. Emer

Jason Emer, MD
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Worried about scarring alopecia

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You should see Dr. Robert Bernstein as you are in New York and he will assess your situation and perform a biopsy if needed. He specializes in women's hair loss

William Rassman, MD
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The diagnosis of hair loss

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I don't biopsy the scalp all that often. Why? Because the diagnosis of hair loss comes from listening to patient's stories about their hair loss, examining their scalp (including dermsocopy) and reviewing their blood tests. All these get weaved together in the brain and out comes the diagnosis. A biopsy can be helpful if someone just doesn't seem right. But biopsies are not the end of the road when it comes to diagnosis. 

see the link below re: the 'H.A.I.R. Principle. '

Jeff Donovan, MD, PhD
Vancouver Dermatologist

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