How to describe what is wrong with my tip from prior bleph? Would revision require using a cartilage graft?

My unusual human made schnozzola does not define me. It does all it needs to do, I'm grateful to it despite it's obvious flaws. **However, it does bother me.*** I am very self-conscious to be seen from certain angles, and this is a heavy restrictive burden. I kindly ask you Dr's to share your advice and insights re my situation. How I could turn this nose-frown upside-nose-down? Lastly: risk it will be a bad result and the bad would be worse bad than current bad !

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If, as I understand your post, you have undergone rhinoplasty, a full understanding of the procedure would be useful. Revision could be undertaken. When nasal issues are complex, sometimes achieving one goal can undermine others. There should be room for improvement. Good luck!

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Your challenge is that there are many surgeon who talk the talk but do not walk the walk.

You need a very experienced rhinoplasty surgeon.  This will typically be a board certified plastic surgeon or a facial plastic surgeon.  But not any rhinoplasty surgeon.  Rebuilding the nose takes a very refined knowledge of the anatomic basis for your current issues.  Grafts are used to help rebuild the nose.  Because of issues of limited resources, scaring, and blood supply, you do not what to be in a situation where a well meaning surgeon makes this worse.  It is also important that your nose functions for breathing.  It helps of have a good idea of what you are looking for.  Do not be swayed by nasal imaging.  You need a surgeon who examines your nose and breaks down anatomically what is going on and how they plan to correct your issue.  Study the websites, if the surgeon's site is not totally devoted to rhinoplasty, it is reasonable to be skeptical.  As you look at the photos, make sure the cases where actually done by the surgery and not from "pooled' cases.  Are there examples of noses like yours?  Do the after noses look natural or do they all look similar.  Some surgeons are known for a particular look.  Do not see them unless you want that look.  Expect to travel to find the right surgeon.  Please consider sharing your experience with the Realself community.

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You have the potential for a very attractive nose that would in my opinion more appropriately match your face. Anatomically, this can be achieved by a Rhinoplasty performed by an experienced Board Certified PS. Refinement of the tip- narrowing of the mid third- creating a more elegant profile--will meet your needs.

Thomas Trevisani, Sr., MD
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