Can I get depressor septi muscle released in a standalone procedure after rhinoplasty?

I had a rhinoplasty 7 months ago to reduce my large hump and do some tip work. I'm happy with the nose overall, but the tip seems to drop now when I smile or pucker (it did so a little before the rhinoplasty, but now it's more obvious). I'm quite happy with the nose at rest and really do not want to deal with the time, expense, and discomfort associated with a full revision. Could I possibly get the depressor septi muscle severed in a standalone procedure without the need for a full revision?

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Droopy tip - what to do

Great question. I would suggest trying botox to the depressor, which will simulate cutting the depressor. If you like the effect, then consider surgery. Additionally, it is possible that a touch of botox to the depressor will allow the tip to heal in a more elevated position. Best of luck from Manhattan.

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