Dental Work & Venus Freeze.

I have silver fillings in my teeth and have had root canals that are crowned or capped, Is this considered a metal that may react to the facial treatment of Venus Freeze in not a good way? And or cause any discomfort or problems?

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Venus Legacy/Venus Freeze

Venus Legacy/Freeze is a non-invasive treatment option for body contouring, cellulite and wrinkle reduction, stretch mark reduction and skin tightening.  We have not had any complaints about dental discomfort during Venus Legacy/Freeze treatments from any of our patients.  Dental implants are contraindicated for the treatment however dental fillings are not.  If you have any concerns, you should discuss them during your consultation with a provider.

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Dental work and Venus Freeze

Many patients have silver dental work and none of mine have complained or had issues with any of these and Venus Freeze. I actually have a few dentists as patients too - and they do Venus Freeze with their dental work just fine. ;)

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