Dental question about Veneers. Question about color choice.

Hi I am about to have my top teeth veneers replaced. My dentist recommended that I choose B1 as my lower veneers are B1. But I prefer the look of BL4. I am a fair skinned Caucasian, 38. My dentist says that BL shades all look unnatural. Can you please give me your opinions on this. Would They look too white? Would they look mismatched with my lower teeth? Many thanks.

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Smile simulation with desired shade may help

After reviewing the recommendation of tooth shape, size and shade many offices allow for a simulation photo with the above cosmetics to be drawn and shown to the patient.  This allows a better appreciation for the appearance of the desired vs proposed shades and shape.  A patients desires may not fully follow the thoughts of the dentist and visa versa.  Seeing the photo simulation should help you decide. 

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Color choice for veneers

Dear Rachelsimons, 
Ultimately, it's your choice of what shade veneers you should get because you will be wearing them for a number of years. Ask your dentist to make the temporaries to be the color that you desire for your final restorations, and then make your decision.

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Which shade to choose ... #realself100

I would recommend choosing the shade that you feel is best, which would be the lighter shade.  It will not be that noticeable, if your bottom shade is B-1.  Good luck and I hope this helps. Follow me if you have more questions.
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B-1 Veneer color

If your Upper veneers are new I would stick to the same color, If they are older and may need replacement in the near future I would definitely go a little lighter.  The slight difference in color will not be noticed by most and when you redo your upper you can choose a lighter color.


I am not a fan of B shades as they usually are an unnatural shade of white in a person older than 20.
have your doc send you to the lab technician's office for a different view.

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Veneer Color Choice

This is a good question.  If you plan to replace the lower veneers at some point and prefer to have the lighter shade, you may as well go with the BL4.  That being said, B1 is pretty light as well.  Further, the upper and lower do not have to be identical - very often, upper teeth are lighter than lower teeth anyways - you are talking about minor differences in the shade spectrum.  At the end of the day, you have to be happy with the choice you make and you should make the decision together with your dentist.  The most important thing is that you are comfortable with everything before moving forward

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