Is 5 days enough time to recover and head back to work after a BA?

Took only a few days off from work to have the procedure done early on Day 1 and headed back to work on Day 6. I have a desk job with moderate stress. Is that too soon?

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Listen to your body and consult your plastic surgeon for the smoothest recovery.

Thanks for your question. Because everyone will heal and recover at a different rate, there’s no cut and dried timeline for when you can return to work following your breast augmentation. At a desk job, if you’re feeling up to going back to work at five days post-op, this shouldn’t be cause for concern, but it’s always a good idea to check with your plastic surgeon to be sure. Just remember to ease your body into each new activity that you try as you recover, and don’t push yourself to do too much too quickly. Listen to your body and your plastic surgeon!

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Return to work after BA

Thanks for posting your question.
The best guidance I give my patients is that return to a low activity desk job after BA can occur when the patient no longer needs pain medications. This is frequently within 3-7 days post op depending upon the patient.

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Returning to work post breast augmentation

Thank you for your question. Every patient heals differently and at a different pace so the answer to the question can vary from patient to patient. Typically, 5 days will be okay for most patients who work at a desk with low stress but for some, it is not enough. Keep in mind that once you return to work that your energy may be low in coming weeks so it is best to rest when your body needs it. Although you may be feeling good at this point, your body is still healing so take it easy and don't push yourself too hard.
It is always best to consult with your surgeon for confirmation before returning to work.  

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Return to Work

For non-strenuous clerical-type work, it is generally 3-5 days after surgery before you may be able to return to work. Just make sure you don't do any heavy lifting.

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Recovery Time After Breast Augmentation

Thanks for your question.  I typically tell patients that they will be ready to return to work in 3-5 days if they have more of a desk job and 5-10 days if they have a more physical job (such as nursing, teaching, delivery service, etc).  Make sure to take your post-operative pain medications on time to avoid falling behind on your pain control.  Get some very light exercise (lifting arms over head, walking around the house). And of course, follow all of your board certified plastic surgeon's post-operative directions. 
Best wishes!
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Breast augmentation

Going back to work will depend upon how you feel.  Some patients can go back after a few days, and others need a bit more time to feel better.

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Working After Breast Augmentation

You are likely okay to return to a desk job 5 days post-op, but pay attention to your body. The most important thing to remember during your recovery is to stay away from heavy lifting. Don't pick up anything weighing more than 10 pounds. Patients often take 1-2 weeks off of work to ensure proper recovery, but some patients heal more easily than others. Your plastic surgeon can monitor your progress and tell you best how to deal with recovery while working. Best of luck!

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5 days recovery enough?

Ultimately this is a decision every patient needs to decide for themselves at the time based on how fast they healed post surgery. A plastic surgeon would tell you that a desk job with moderate stress could be OK for someone 5 days post-op, because some patients really are OK at that point. Yet some will not be ready. Once you start working again just keep in mind to stray from strenuous activities or picking up heavy objects. It will be best to heal properly without any complications. Go to all scheduled consultations during this time as well in order to have all questions answered by your plastic surgeon and help the healing process go smoothly. 

Best wishes

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BA recovery

Most of my patients can return to work in 5-6 days. Each person is different and their recovery is an individual thing. You need to know your own body.

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Recovery from breast augmentation

Usual breast augmentation will not cause a long healing time. Most of my patients can go back to work mainly 4 to 7 days after the operation. Of course your job condition is important. I guess you can work. The best suggestion should be made by your doctor. Take care CC055!

Ege Ozgentas, MD
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