Is it dangerous to do Tummy tuck if you are on Anabolic Steroids?

I'm Young man ath age 32 , i have lost probably 30 kg, 8 years ago, and those last two years i\m going ath TRT treatment legaly , my normal whight is around 83 to 85 kg , But i took extra testerone ("cheated") these last 4 months and gain good whiegt up to 89 kg "Muscle", I\m afriad what will happen when i stop using those extra testerone and lose little wheight after tummy tuck. . is muscle wheight dangers as fet whegit when it cooms to lose skin ,

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Do not worry and move on your tummy tuck schedule!

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Based on your given info, you can go on your tummy tuck schedule, but I would recommend you get a physical examination prior to the surgery. Good luck!

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