What are my current options besides doing nothing and just praying it doesn't look too bad? (Photo)

7 weeks ago (July 29th) I had scar revision surgery on a large facial laceration scar that occurred December 20th 2015. At first the surgery looked like it went well. I was told to expect "some spitting" and not to worry and was instructed to start using silicone strips. Now I have pustules at the site of each internal suture. Last week I was given a 5 day supply of antibiotics. I am doing warm compress 3x a day. My surgeon said at this point, all I can do is wait and let it heal. Other options?

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Options to improve scarring on the face

Once the skin heals, I would apply Plato's Scar Serum twice daily; followed by fractional lasers, PDL, and FUE.


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