What is the cost of a computer assisted surgical guide for Dental Implants? Who decides if one is needed (dentist or perio)?

I am in the middle of the process of getting an implant. When I went to the dentist, he said I need a surgical guide to help the surgeon know where to place the post. He seemed a little on the fence about whether it is necessary, but he concluded that it was. The cost was $500. I am wondering if she should be the one making this decision (as opposed to the periodontist) and if this is a reasonable cost for it.

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Cost of 3-D planning and CAD / CAM guide

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Our fees for 3-D planning and CAD / CAM guide can range from $350 for single site implant to about $950 for a full arch multiple implant / multiple guide process. This approach is now done on 100% of our implant patients and in my opinion it should be used on every patient. It is more precise, safer, and absolutely better results. This is also collaboration process between surgeon and the restorative dentist as a team. It is a great investment in doing the right the first time and avoid complications. See link for the process.

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