Is There Any Way to Correct my Nose Without Surgery? (photo)

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Can you Use fillers to fix the Tip of the Nose?

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Its always difficult to tell from photo's like yours. I can however, tell you that fillers work best on the upper part of the nose. When using fillers at the lower part of the nose (the tip), there are higher risks of complications and it is less likely to work. 

My advice would be to see a surgeon in your community with experience with injection rhinoplasty. 

James Bonaparte

Nonsurgical Nose Jobs Work Well For Camouflaging Humps, Bumps, and Lifting Droopy Noses

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I have been performing nonsurgical rhinoplasty using volumizing fillers for over fifteen years with gratifying results. As you can clearly see from the before and after photos of my patient in the sidebar to this column, nonsurgical nose jobs using volumizing fillers can work extremely well for camouflaging humps and bumps and for lifting droopy nasal tips. Unfortunately, the photograph provided is insufficient for evaluating the potential benefits in your particular case. A full face view showing the bridge area of the nose and a profile view would be much more helpful along with an explanation of your particular desires. Even better, consultation with a board certified aesthetic, core physician with experience and expertise in nonsurgical nose jobs is strongly recommended. Be sure to ask to see his/her before and after photos. Best of luck to you.

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