Coolglide or Vbeam Perfecta for spider veins face?

i tried vbeam perfecta twice (the last 10 days ago) and the results are underwhelming. Would coolglide or vbeam be a better option for telangiectasia under the eyes (near cheek) and on the sides of the nose? thanks

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In experienced and skilled hands the VBeam should give great results.

Discuss with your dermatologist the option of bruising or perhaps pulse stacking in safe parameters.

failing that for some discrete resistant vessels the 1064 nm Nd:YAG can help.

London Dermatologist

V-Beam and Redness

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V-Beam is the gold standard for the red lines and rosacea of the face. However, the vessels around the nose are the most difficult to remove.  You may need more treatments or at a different setting to have these reduced.  Best, Dr. Green

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