Is it possible to get CONTRACTURE AFTER breast implant removal?? (photos)

I had my breast implants removed due to CC, right breast. About 3 weeks post op, my right breast is contacting! I had both capsules removed. I had significant fluid on right side, failed attempts at aspiration, a drain was put in. Now it contracted! it is now very firm underneath my breast tissue (i feel like there is some solid mass inside, beneath my breast) It is painful to move or stretch w/ pulling & burning. My surgeon says this is swelling & normal. It does not feel or look normal!

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It is scar contracting, not specifically a capsular contracture in the implant sense

You should have had a drain in the first place.  For explant surgery, it is almost always best to remove the capsule in its entirety. This will allow the space to heal. If you leave the capsule in place, it does not heal. Fluid can accumulate in the space. The situation that brings the patient to implant removal will have an affect on the decision. This is a surgery which requires discussion with the plastic surgeon about the problem, the goals, and the technical concerns. The body does not re-absorb the capsule. Revision surgery requires drains because the fluid is going to be generated when you operate on the scar capsule. If you provide a mechanism for the fluid to be removed (i.e. drains), the risks are lower. If the fluid accumulates because there were no drains, it will most certainly cause problems in the future.

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Contracture After Implant Removal

Sometimes incomplete removal of the capsule, scar tissue, or silicone containing tissue could cause seroma formation (fluid build-up) and recurrent formation of the capsule and contracture. An ultrasound examination by a radiologist can tell if you still have a thick capsule around the seroma. If the scarring is the result of surgery, it will resolve over time. However, if the scarring is the result of residual silicone, it will not resolve over time. It will just be another retained capsule which needs to be removed to allow your breast tissue to redrape naturally. 

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Once the implants are removed, your tissue with contract somewhat naturally. Initially, it may be firm due to swelling, but sometimes the firmness remains. Massage can be helpful. Continue to follow your surgeon's instructions and keep all your follow up visits. Your breasts will not look like they did prior to augmentation.

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Breast implant removal


Thanks for posting your question. I am happy to try and help you. It is important to remember that a board certified plastic surgeon will be your best resource when it comes to an accurate assessment of your situation, and concerns.

Having said that, you should go see your plastic surgeon. Online consultants are not the appropriate source of information for you; your plastic surgeon should be your resource when it comes to postoperative concerns.

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Breast issue

At this point, you will have to let the breasts settle and heal. Once this is completed, you can decide what you want to do.  Follow closely with your surgeon.

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