Is it common and accepted practice to use Neurontin (Gabepentin) for post brow lift itching?

I had a (successful) pretrichial brow lift several months ago and have been experiencing extreme itching of the scalp (due to nerve regeneration) since the surgery. I am curious if Neurontin is used successfully and at what dosage to be most effective at controlling the itching sensations. Thank you for your replies!

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I haven't used it for itching after a brow lift, but it makes sense.  Neurontin is an amazing medication which I have successfully used many times to treat patients' pain, burning, itching, and "pins-and-needles" sensations from nerve regeneration after injuries and diseases.  Dosing is extremely variable, but I usually start with 300mg one to three times per day and titrate up or down from there.

Post browlift sensory changes

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Neurontin is a medication that is frequently used for pain or discomfort that originates in nerves. It is a very useful medication and make total sense that your surgeon may have recommended it for postoperative relief of some of the sensory changes after browlifting procedure.
Typically these sensory changes are self limited and get much better in the months after your procedure.

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