Could a Collagenase injection be used to treat a cauliflower ear?

I read that collagenase targets collagen 2 which is fibrocartilage and not collagen 1 which is hyaline cartilage, so hypothetically can it be injected and used to treat a cauliflower ear? I would assume it would be diluted significantly.

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Good question..but the short quick answer imo is NO! I would not recommend this for many reasons. is not tested so you don't want to be the first one.  Second, this is scar tissue not exactly Type 3 collagen, which would make this unpredictable.  Third, finding the right dose without breaking down normal tissue and thereby increasing the chance of skin breakdown and chondrites, which would be devastating imo.  So basically it is a nice thought, but I would be reluctance imo. Hope this helps. 

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