In a closed rhinoplasty, do they enter through the right nostril?

I'm 10 days post op and my right nostril is way rounder/swollen. I had a closed rhinoplasty and I heard they enter through the right nostril to get to the bridge? Could this be why my nostrils are asymetrical at the moment?

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Closed rhinoplasty

A closed rhinoplasty is often done through both right and left nostrils to get to the bridge and manipulate the two lower lateral cartilages.

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Closed rhinoplasty

Tricky question for us to answer, as it depends on whether the surgeon is right or left handed, not to mention what maneuvers were performed at the bridge of the nose.  I, for example, like to do most of my noses closed (around 9 out of 10, to give you an estimate). I am also left handed.  That being said, while I start with the left nostril, I use both nostrils equally to get a better view as well as ensure adequate symmetry.  Without knowing who your surgeon is or their particular surgical technique, it is hard to say. Just ask them during your next post operative visit, I'm sure they will be more than happy to go over it with you.  Congrats on your new nose!

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