How close should the end result of rhinoplasty be to the morph?

My nose doesn't look like the morph. I know that it isn't exact but what's the point of the morph if it looks that different? Of course the surgeon says it depends on healing, results aren't guaranteed etc. Should I pissed off? I feel misled.

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Computer imaging

This is the problem with computer imaging.   It really can only be used as a tool to help discuss the plan for surgery.  There are some factors in the recovery process that are not controllable ("vagaries of healing").  All you can do at this point is voice your concerns to your surgeon and see if  a revision could be considered.   

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Computer imaging for rhinoplasty surgery

Computer imaging for rhinoplasty is an extremely helpful tool when performed correctly.  It allows the surgeon to effectively communicate with the patient so that the patient knows that the surgeon understands the changes to their nose that they desire.  During that consultation, it is imperative of the surgeon to communicate with the patient that these are the desired changes and that the images provided are the goal and whatever images are shown the surgeon should be certain that they can achieve 80-85% of the morphed rhinoplasty result.  During the consultation it is important to provide images that are obtainable and not images that the patients facial structure and anatomy will never allow you to achieve.  Under promise and over deliver.  

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Computer imaging

I do not use computer imaging because I think it can give a false sense of what you are going to get. We can not control all variables like how the soft tissue will respond to the procedure.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Computer Imaging

This is the problem with morphing results before rhinoplasty surgery. It is uch more reliable for a patient to see examples of results in previous patients with similar noses. Discuss your dissatisfaction with your surgeon.

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Digital Imaging for Rhinoplasty Patients

Dear nearlynatural, It is important that a surgeon can provide digital imaging during the consultation to show the patient the proposed results however this is ineffective if the surgeon does not have the expertise to provide the desired result. I show my patients before and after photographs as well as the imaged photographs so that they can see how close in proximity the results are. You can see an example of theis in the video above. Best regards, Michael V. Elam, M.D.

Michael Elam, MD
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Photo Imaging

Photo imaging is not accurate, someone who is a good graphic artist can do things that a doctor can never obtain. It is only an approximation and should be so stated. Better to look at photos of patients done by the doctor to see ifyou like their style.

William B. Rosenblatt, MD
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How close should the end result of rhinoplasty be to the morph?

Now you understand why photo shopped images NEVER can be trusted. They DO NOT HEAL as the human body does! The concept was to give you an IDEA of possible outcomes but NEVER any guarantees to your appearing EXACTY as the morphed views!!!! Guess lesson is learned the hard way. Best to discuss with your surgeon in more detail.>

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