Clean with saline solution, apply antibiotic ointment close w waterproof bandage. Right treatment? Can I move my arms? (Photo)

My surgery was sept 27th, in Brasil,1 week later the right breast cracked and showed lots of fibrin. Doc was seeing me everyday in his office to change the dress. Sat 15th am, b4 my NY flight he cut all the fibrin off and closed w stitches. Gave meanti-inflammatory med and antibiotic 4, 5 days. The stitches will come out by itself. I'm sending pics daily but I'm very afraid this is not gonna close and will cause me serious issues. Can get worse? Look for a PS in NY, rest? can I work? raise arms?

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Wound issue

It looks like you have a wound healing issue and should be followed carefully by a plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

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Wound Healing Issues

I appreciate your concern, and you need to see and be followed by a board certified plastic surgeon in your area ASAP! Check out ASAPS or ASPS websites to confirm board certification in plastic surgery. With careful attention and followup, you should heal OK, but don't delay, see someone today before weekend, if possible! Good luck!

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