Do I really need a chin reduction surgery? (Photo)

Recently i've been thinking of getting a re-shaping nose surgery but suddenly i started to notice that i have a very long big chin that increases my face length and gives a reflection of me being very fat though my weight:50kg length:160cm. So i'm wondering what is the appropriate treatment for this? And is surgery the only option to fix it? And what exactly is done in such surgeries? And i also want to know what do i need more "rhinoplasty or a chin reduction"?

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Chin and Nose

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Whether you should have chin reduction, rhinoplasty or both is best determined by computer imaging looking at these changes separately or combined. Your chin is longer and wide and could be made more vertically short and more narrow through intraoral T-shaped osteotomies. This is probably a good complement to your rhinoplasty.

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