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Hello, I feel like this was a pretty strong chemical peel because i am still peeling and have some red spots. I was told that i need to do a series of 3 (once a month - April 24 and May 24). i feel like by the time i heal, I have to go through this again. My questions are: is this really beneficial? do i need more than one? can i wait until the fall? how long will i be in this state? did i do damage to my face? what would an alternative be? looking forward to some guidance amanda

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Chemical Peels and Facial Rejuvenation NYC

There are many other treatments besides chemical peels that you can have done for facial rejuvenation.  Fraxel will treat the skin and is the equivalent of 4 or more chemical peels in a single treatment with about a week of peeling.  Clear and Brilliant is a "mini-Fraxel" which many of my patients love because there is no down-time.  Please consult an expert.  Best, Dr. Green

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Rejuvenize skin peel

Hi Amanda, great questions. In regards to the peel, you will see a better result if you do a series of them. Typically, the peeling will last about a week. Make sure you area keeping sunscreen and daily moisturizer on your face to ensure proper healing from the peel. In regards to alternatives, yes, there area lasers such as the Fraxel that you can do that will give you a nice resurfacing with about a week downtime. I would recommend you get a consult with a board certified dermatologist or plastic surgeon to go over your options to see which treatment is best to acheive the results you want. 

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