What can I do to camouflage this? (photos)

My doctor denies any issues. I'm two and a half months post op and devastated. As swelling goes, my nose appears to be wide and flat at the top. The color difference is apparent as well. My nose is also very crooked/looks collapsed. Will the open roof and crookedness continue to get worse? I'm embarrassed to be at work talking with people on on one. And my wedding is coming up. What can I do at this point? This has caused me to be depressed and isolate. I'm desperate for a solution. Thank you

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Rhinoplasty results at 2.5 months

You are likely still pretty swollen and it can take a year or longer for it to settle down. Best to be patient with the results.

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Rhinoplasty healing

Hello and thank you for your question. At 2.5 months, you are still healing and swollen.   This can be an anxiety-provoking situation.  I always recommend sharing your concerns with your surgeon.  Hopefully he/she can help you.  If you have seen your surgeon multiple times with no feeling of help, then you are always welcome to seek a second opinion.

Best wishes and good luck.

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Post Rhinoplasty Corrections and Camouflage

Rhinoplasty healing can be difficult and anxiety provoking, especially in the bony segment. At 2.5 months, there's not a lot you could do surgically and it's too early anyway. Nose filler is a great option to camouflage issues and help narrow the nose. 5FU shots can help with soft tissue fullness and callus. I suggest doing something temporary to help with the wedding and dealing with any long term issues when the nose has fully healed. 

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Rhinoplasty concerns

Hi. You're very early in the healing process. It takes a full 12-18 months for all swelling to reside. " Open roof " ? Sounds like you've either done your homework, or have been fed information. Either way, I'd suggest following up with your surgeon to discuss the healing process, concerns and action plans, if necessary.


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Need for bony revision

It looks like the left nasal bone has not come in enough, possibly to a lesser degree the right giving you an open rood deformity. This can be easily improved by repeat osteotomies  as an isolated procedure under a brief general anaesthetic of 20-30 mins - there is no need to open the nose again - once the bone have been correctly brought in this will dramatically improve your nose and recovery will be 1-2 weeks 

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