Burns and Pain from Laser hair removal. How do I prevent scarring and hyper or hypopigmentation?

I had LHR day before yesterday, the 'dermatol..' used a high setting and exposed my skin for long. My face was burning for hrs. I woke up with dark bluish-brown spots all over. Its clear that this is not normal. I have burns all over my face. I have used arnica cream and bepanthol. My skin looks so bad that I just want to scratch it off. Please tell me how I can rapidly heal my face, without risking scarring or hypo/hyperpigmentation? What products will help? Please help - I am very worried.

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Burns from a laser hair removal...need to talk to your dematologist

You are right, this is not normal. You have a darker skin type and the settings were obviously not adjusted correctly.  I think your dermatologist should take care of this.  Call him soon.

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