What are these bumps/ skin depression 15 months post-Cellfina? (photos)

I participated in a Cellfina study at a highly regarded Laser & Skin Center & noticed multiple bumps during recovery.There were 2 oblong-shaped bumps on top of one another, as well as a skin depression in between. I was promised that it was normal and they would go away in a few momths. 15 months later and they haven't changed in appearance. Any info on what they are and if they can be somehow treated would be greatly appreciated.

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Without seeing the before it was treated I cannot say exactly.  Was there a dimpled area there that was treated?  If there is an area that is now depressed I use fat graft to address this.  I had a patient who had liposuction in the past which required fat grafting after release of both Cellulite and scar which dramatically improved the areas.

Lumps after Cellfina

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I would definitely return to your healthcare professional that did your Cellfina treatment. You may be experiencing some scar tissue build up, or some fibrous nodules. You can try some warm compress and light massage daily in the meantime. 
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Cellfina issues

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What background did the person doing your Cellfina have?  Have they done it before? What you appear to have is leftover cellulite that went untreated or was treated ineffectively. Despite what some would have you believe, Cellfina still requires the knowledge of sound surgical principles and knowledge of anatomy and how to use the kit in the best way for best results. If you were my patient I would recommend another round of Cellfina to free up that dimpled skin. Nothing else really works. Good luck!

Cain R. Linville, MD
Houston Plastic Surgeon
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15 months post Cellfina

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It would be helpful to compare your pre Cellfina pictures with the ones you show here. Best bet is to return to the doctor who treated you and have them compare these pictures, then come up with a treatment plan to improve things. This may mean some liposuction and/ or additional Cellfina treatment.

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