Breasts uneven after mastopexy and hematoma (Photo)

6 weeks post op lift and saline submuscular. Hematoma developed and area suctioned at 4 weeks- Dr. didn't feel blood was in pocket. Now the left breast is large, low and more than a DD. Right is hard, high and small. Doctor prescribed singulair in case of contracture and a band to help lower the implant. Implant is very high and lateral- skin wrinkled and empty on the inner curve and behind nipple. Is there any chance this will settle in and look more even, or should I just plan on a revision?

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Breast lift

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At 6 weeks post-op, it is too early to tell. Because the one breast had a hematoma, it might get a bit smaller with time.

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Uneven breasts...

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Thanks for sharing your photos and concerns. I'm sorry to hear about the hematoma. This will likely lead to additional swelling on that breast for several additional months and could account for some of the unevenness you're experiencing. As far the left being higher and firmer, at 4 weeks that is pretty normal and will likely get better. Speak with your surgeon about what steps you can take to soften it up and bring it down. I do think Singulair is a good idea along with the band. It's too early to think about revision, but follow closely with your plastic surgeon. Best, Dr. ALDO

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Breast concerns

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Thanks for your inquiry and sorry for your struggles. Your breast shape and implant position can change for up to a year, but mostly for the first six months.  Keep the faith and be discussing your concerns with your plastic surgeon.  Only time will tell if you need a revision, best of luck.  

Uneven breast post-op

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So I am glad you submitted your pre-op photos as the photo clearly shows you had a significant size difference with your left side being much bigger pre-op. Your left side appears to be the one that had the hematoma/problem, which would lead to more swelling and prolonged healing. At this point it is just a waiting game to see how things will heal and settle. This could reasonably take 6 months, after which time visiting with your surgeon to discuss possible revision would be reasonable if things are still significantly different. There will always be some minor differences between the size of the right and left, but shouldn't be worse than pre-op, should be better.

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