Breasts Augmented, then Fixed, Still Unhappy?

I had alloderm to correct bottoming out and an areola that puckered. Now there is an indented halfcircle scar around my left areola and both nipples point slightly downward. Is there any way to correct this? Will fat grafting help, or help give them a lift?

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Alloderm in augmentation

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is certainly beneficial if dealing with difficult problems.  The only question I would have is could you have managed your bottoming out without Alloderm?  As for the contracted periareolar scar, that is quite common when it is used for several procedures.  Release of scar and fat grafting should improve that but you have to accept the risks of fat grafting.  If you ever have a mastopexy, it will also be an opportunity to repair the scarring.  Good luck in resolving your issues.

Revision options after breast augmentation

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Without pictures or more details it is impossible to make a specific recommendation. One thing that has helped in situations like yours is another Alloderm graft (or preferably Strattice) placed in the subcutaneous layer under the scar. It could likely be done under local anesthesia.

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