Going from breast tissue expanders to implants, does same size give same results?

I currently have breast expanders in and I am filled to 240cc. I really like the look and size and think I want to stop fillings and schedule the exchange surgery. Because breast implants are softer and move will getting the same size (240cc) give the same result in terms of how they look? Should I go slightly bigger to achieve the same look? Or will getting 240cc high profile implants give me the same look as these expanders? Any input is welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Expanders to implants

I ask my patients at what volume they are happy when I inflate them. I often over inflate them and then exchange them for the volume

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Typically, expanders are filled beyond your desired implant size.  Usually by 10-20%.  Your final implants will have a different shape from your expanders as well, so your breast won't look identical, but in general, the final implant is more forgiving.

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