Do I need breast revision surgery? (photos)

I am 4 months post op from augmentation with 400cc mod+ silicone implants. I am very unhappy with the results, especially with the right breast. My breasts are asymmetrical in shape, nipple position, and cleavage. I know breasts are not perfectly symmetrical but my breasts were not significantly different before and my results look nothing like the Vectra imaging (I know they are not guaranteed). I am more self-conscious now than before surgery. What went wrong and can a revision fix it?

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Reasons Many Seek Breast Revision Surgery

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The most common reason women seek breast implant #revisions are to change their implant #size, and, #capsular #contracture . Capsular Contracture occurs in about 5-10% of breast #augmentation patients. However, only a small number of these patients experience pain or visual issues that actually require correction.  Additional matters of concern which many seek a revision are malposition of the implant, changes in shape and size following pregnancy, weight change and also #deflation or #rupture of an #implant. Please be advised that each patient is unique and previous results are not a guarantee for individual outcomes. As with all cosmetic surgery, results will be rewarding if expectations are realistic. With any surgical procedure, there are some risks which your doctor will discuss with you during your consultation.

Do I need breast revision surgery?

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Although difficult to give you good advice online, it is likely that your result can be improved upon with adjustments of breast implant capsules (possibly improving breast implant positioning).  These maneuvers may also help better center each nipple/areola complex on each breast mounds.

 Communicate your concerns/goals directly with your plastic surgeon in front of a full-length mirror. Hopefully, working together, you will come up with a plan to achieve an outcome that you will be happier with. Generally speaking, I advise patients to carefully consider their degree of concern with the outcome of the initial breast surgery and weigh these concerns against the potential risks/complications associated with the planned revisionary breast surgery.

Best wishes.


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 I would need to see your pre-op images to make an accurate assessment.  

I recommend an in-office examination as well as a detailed discussion with a surgeon who you are comfortable with and who is a Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

Best wishes!

Dr. Desai
Harvard Educated, Beverly Hills & Miami Beach Trained, Double-Board Certified Plastic Surgeon

Breast issue

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It is always goos to review your prep photos and compare the two. Why are you disappointed?  Best to discuss in person with your surgeon.

Do I need breast revision surgery?

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Sorry to hear about your situation.  Generally allow 6 months to pass after surgery before deciding to proceed with revision.  Preop asymmetries are typically accentuated with augmentation.  Be sure to consult with an experienced board certified plastic surgeon.  Good luck.

Result After BAM

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You have mild asymmetry which was likely there before. With the added volume, these asymmetries are typically enhanced. If you are happy in a bra, you should do nothing. If size is bothersome, a revision could be considered but try to wait ~ 6 months to allow complete healing. Talk to your surgeon and review all your photos with him/her. Hope this helps! Best wishes. 

Breast asymmetry after implants

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hello and thank you for your question and photos. 

I am sorry to hear you are not happy. This is a discussion that is best conducted with your original doctor. As board certified plastic surgeons, we are trained not only in performing the surgery but also in dealing with corrective / reconstructive procedures. 

The implants appear to be in normal even placement. Perhaps the right implant is slightly too medial compared to the left. The nipple position will often go OPPOSITE the direction of the center of the implant. 

The difference in nipple position can be a result of preexisting nipple asymmetry. Please post a photo of your before pic to confirm. 

The general rule with implants: 

1. if there is a slight size difference, implants will make the size look more even. 

2. if there is a slight shape / nipple position difference, implants will sometimes make this worse or more obvious because the result is magnified. 

You should have several second opinions with board certified plastic surgeons before making any final decisions. 

I would also suggest waiting until after 6 months before rushing into surgery. You need to allow adequate healing time to avoid other surgical complications. 

Best to you.

Breast implants

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All breast are different right to left before and after any surgery. Sometimes, implants may exaggerate these normal asymmetries such as one nipple going to the side.

Close follow up with your plastic surgeon is recommended to discuss your options.

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