Breast implants. What is the difference between moderate, moderate plus and high profile?

What is the difference between moderate and moderate plus high profile?

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Different shapes

Hi.  These are the terms Mentor uses to describe their families of implants.

The "moderate" one is also known as low profile.  Think of a flat pancake-like shape.  It's good for ladies with either a wide frame, or those who just want a little bit more volume.  Very natural looking.  Not much fullness in the upper part of the breast.

"Moderate-plus" is a popular one.  It gives some nice fullness of the top part of the breast, but not obvious.  

"High profile" is also popular.  Think "push-up bra" look - more fullness on the top part of the breast than either of the preceding two types.  For the same diameter across, the high profile implant will have about 15% more volume to it than a moderate-plus.

The last family who might hear about is the "ultra-high profile" implant - which is the most round shape of all.  If you like the more obvious look.

Chat with your plastic surgeon about these, and discuss what your shape goal is, so you can get a recommendation about the best ones to look at.

Breast Augmentation

Thank you for your question. During your consultation I like to find out your goals (I.e. What cup size you would like to be). It's important to measure the width of your breast to determine which implant you need. There are four different profiles of round silicone implants. They are moderate classic, moderate plus, high and ultra high profiles. For example, suppose you are an A cup breast and your breast width diameter is 11.1 cm. If you wanted a small enlargement a moderate classic profile implant is 190cc, 11cm in diameter and 2.7cm thick. This will make you a small b or large A cup. If you went to moderate plus you would use a 250cc implant. This is 11.3cm in diameter but the thickness is more. It is 3.4 cm thick. This would make you a medium B cup. If you went to a high profile you could use a 300cc implant and would make you a small c cup. It is 11.1 cm in diameter and 4.5 cm thick. If you want to go to a D cup or larger you can use a 455cc ultra high profile implant which has a diameter of 11.2cm and 5.7cm thick. For more Information please see the enclosed video and I hope you find this helpful. 

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Breast implant profiles

Breast implant profile (moderate, moderate plus, high profile) refers to how much the implant projects forward from the chest wall. Moderate and moderate plus profiles tend to be the most natural looking, while high profile gives much more breast projection. The implant profile you choose will depend on a couple of variables including your body type, height, weight, etc., as well as your desired breast appearance. During your consultation I listen to what my patients envision as their ideal breasts and will then recommend which profile is best to help them achieve that result!

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The difference between moderate, moderate plus and high profile implants

Thank you for the question. These names refer to the different shapes and projections of the implants by Mentor. The moderate is flatter and wider think of it as a pancake and the high profile has more projection and narrower in diameter so it looks more like a ball. 

Ideally your plastic surgeon should measure your breasts and choose the best fitting implant for your shape based on your goals. 

Best of luck!

Dr. Khuthaila 

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Types of breast implants

A wide array of breast implants are now available.  Moderate, moderate plus, and high profile are names given to certain types of round silicone implants, and refer to the implant dimensions.  For the same volume, a moderate implant will be the flattest and widest, the high profile the most projected and narrowest, and the moderate plus will in between.  When choosing to have breast implants, always have an in-person consultation with a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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Implant differences

Think of  low medium and high projection and for a specific volume implants the low one is the widest and the big projection is the narrowest.

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Breast implants. What is the difference between moderate, moderate plus and high profile

The biggest issue is that a the projection gets higher,there can be a less natural appearance to the end result.

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Breast implants. What is the difference between moderate, moderate plus and high profile?

The profile term refers to the amount of projection the implant has compared to the base diameter of the implant. A high profile implant will have a smaller diameter and higher projection than a low profile implant with a wider base and lower projection. Both implants can have the same volume, but they have different shapes. Most patients need more projection and not wide flat breasts. Good luck.

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Thank you for the question.  The moderate, moderate plus and high profile are different styles of implants available in saline and silicone.  Each implant companies has different styles for their implants.  The different between these styles is the projection of the implant.  The moderate is the flattest/less projected style and the high profile has the most projection of the three implants. 

Breast Implant Profiles

Thank you for your question.  

Moderate, Moderate Plus, High Profile and Ultra High Profile refer to the various profiles or dimensions of smooth, round saline and/or silicone breast implants (specifically Mentor brand).  These names describe the dimensions of the implant, or most specifically how wide they are in diameter versus how much projection they afford a patient.  Moderate implants are the widest in diameter and project the least of the four profiles mentioned above.  They are generally utilized for women with wide breasts who are not looking for much projection, whereas high profile implants are smaller in diameter and project much more than moderate and moderate plus implants do.

A physical exam is necessary to determine which implant profile would work best for you and the cosmetic result you are hoping to achieve.  Your breast dimensions, chest wall, body frame and cosmetic goals will all play a part in determining which implant would be your perfect match.  Keep in mind that different implant manufacturers have different names for the various profiles that their company offers and sometimes there are very small differences between implants of the various brands that will make a tremendous difference for your specific case.  Please seek a consultation with a board-certified plastic surgeon who is well-experienced in breast augmentation procedures to review your options and I wish you the best.

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