Can I have bonding done to enhance my smile? (photos)

Hi everyone. I had braces on for 18 months (plus bite expander for 5 months) however my front teeth still show a slight over lap and the right tooth sticks out ( it's more noticeable in person) also my teeth have this inward appearance around the sides. I like my teeth so I don't particularly want to get veneers yet I do feel there's room for improvement. Could bonding broaden and enhance my smile/ fix the two front teeth? Thank you for reading!

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Can I have bonding done to enhance my smile?

You could have bonding done to enhance your smile, and if done by an experienced, artistic cosmetic dentist, you will get a beautiful result that will address and resolve your concerns.  The advantages of bonding are that it is a non-invasive procedure, it is less expensive and more affordable than porcelain veneers, and it can be done in 1 visit.  Since bonding is done with a resin, it is more susceptible to staining than porcelain, so to minimize this, you must be diligent in your home care(brushing and flossing daily and done properly).  You must also try to avoid excessive intake of coffee, tea, red wine, or other foods that over time will cause discoloration of resin.  Both porcelain veneers and resin bonding can chip or break.  With resin, it is an easy, quick, inexpensive repair.  With porcelain, it will most likely require replacement of the veneer.  The cost for this will be more expensive, it will require multiple visits, and it may be difficult to obtain an exact color match with your original veneers.  Being aware of these differences, you should be able to make an informed decision on what will be best for you.  

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